Spoon Me View 202 Cicada Cantina Premiere Catering

Introducing J & A Food Service

J&A Food Service has been a pioneer in the franchise food service industry since CEO Joe Wong built his first restaurant in 1976. What started as one Burger King in the small town of Redding, CA, has since developed into a family of over 40 restaurants, spanning from Central Oregon to Southern California. J&A Food Service is a "YES Company," and only operates restaurants that adhere to the highest standards of guest satisfaction.

The J&A Food Service family of restaurant concepts includes: Burger King, Marie Callender's, Applebee's, Logan's Roadhouse, Spoon Me, View 202, Premiere Catering and Cicada Cantina.

In 2012, J&A Food Service branched out into developing its own concepts, beginning with an upscale casual restaurant- View 202. Formed next was J&A Food Service's full-service catering company- Premiere Catering, followed by the modern Mexican concept- Cicada Cantina, in early 2013.

"We aim to become a top-notch, multi-concept restaurant company that has an undisputed reputation for superior operation and provides everyone involved the opportunity for personal, professional, and financial growth!"

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